Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Keep Moving To Keep Moving

Gardening is a marvelous activity: refreshing, always changing, and you get flowers!

Use it or lose it, right? So, if we plan to keep moving, we better give moving. Oh, the many sedentary temptations--I cannot even count them. Being an English major, I could just sit and read, write, enjoy videos endlessly, and it becomes increasingly inexpensive to to so. Except the cost to your health. Sedentary lifestyle is the new smoking, they say, as debilitating to your health. 

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Physical Exercise for Brain Health 

Regular exercise changes the brain to improve memory, thinking skills 

Also, simple stretching gets the oxygen to your brain, where is belongs. Teachers, get you students to do simple streches and movements as a point of transition in class. You do them, too.

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